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US Energy Independence and GeoPolitical Strategy
This is my site Written by Neil Palmquist on May 17, 2013 – 9:55 am

I hate politics, but I love strategy… and when Daniel J. Graeber’s Wednesday 15th article “U.S. Energy Independence Weakens its Power” came out touching on U.S. energy independence and strategy, I couldn’t help but let my mind’s little wheels start spinning. The article touches on political theorist Walter Russell Mead’s reflection nearly a decade ago that superpowers cannot maintain dominance via force into perpetuity and that gaining geopolitical influence over global markets, such as OPEC members did in the 1970’s, is a greater guarantee of superpower continuity. The U.S. has been using wealth and food as its means of “geopolitical influence” for decades now, but gaining a “sticky power” via energy, would trump them all.

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