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Profiling and the new IRS Enforcement Unit

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on December 9, 2009 – 8:29 pm

The administration seems to be engaging in class warfare with its new IRS “enforcement unit” called the Global High Wealth Industry Group.  Its purpose is to scour the trusts, partnerships, and other “tax avoidance” techniques used by the wealthy to reduce their taxes.  Mind you, no one wants a tax cheat, as the case would [...]

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The Daunting, Albeit Necessary, Nature of Self Development

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on December 4, 2009 – 2:20 pm

Do you rely on doing a good job at work to eventually lead you to your ultimate dream job?  Sure, you have to do it… and do it “effectively” if you hope to advance in your career, but while fulfilling any given position’s duties to the best of your abilities is wonderful for your employer… [...]

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