Neil Palmquist CM&AA, CEPA

Neil Palmquist CM&AA, CEPA… an independent strategic advisor, investor, and entrepreneur… Mr. Palmquist is highly interested in connecting with other like-minded, highly motivated individuals with a shared ambition to take hold of life’s reins, work on projects of an equity nature, and in doing so establish and/or further develop business entities capable of continuing to generate wealth long after the parties’ initial involvement has passed.

Mr. Palmquist has been providing strategic management, advisory and exit planning consultation services since the mid 1990’s. He has managed and consulted on demanding internationally-scoped corporate programs all the way down the chain to the privately held, independent manufacturing sole proprietorship. Presently, Mr. Palmquist limits his work to projects in which he holds an equity interest.

Mr. Palmquist is presently launching a new venture, the Investment Banking Simulator, sits on the Board of Governors for the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), the Board of Advisors for the Alliance of M&A Advisors (AMAA) and holds both organizations’ credential designations respectively; the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and the Certified M&A Advisor (CMAA).


Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)
Business “Owner” Planning
Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CMAA)
Mergers & Acquisition Strategy
Business/Exit Strategy & Planning
Business “Value” Strategy Development
Capital Structure Strategy
New Venture/Private Equity