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The US Tax System is Functionally Regressive

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on May 14, 2013 – 11:27 am

The US may feel that it has and prefers a “progressive” tax structure, but the effective enforcement as written is “regressive” in nature.

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Small Business Death Sentence: aka The Federal Estate Tax

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on January 7, 2010 – 7:32 am

It often amazes me just how completely ignorant our policy makers are in regards to taxing and its impact on business and our economy.  …I can think of no statement where this is more publicly evident than the all too frequently cited higher taxation argument…“we just had 8 years of tax cuts… and look where [...]

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Profiling and the new IRS Enforcement Unit

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on December 9, 2009 – 8:29 pm

The administration seems to be engaging in class warfare with its new IRS “enforcement unit” called the Global High Wealth Industry Group.  Its purpose is to scour the trusts, partnerships, and other “tax avoidance” techniques used by the wealthy to reduce their taxes.  Mind you, no one wants a tax cheat, as the case would [...]

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Start a NFP and have the Government Pay Your Taxes!

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on November 3, 2009 – 12:33 pm

A consultant friend needed assistance and asked me to coffee recently…  It turns out that this particular coffee topic wasn’t going to be about a client or new project pending, but rather his own financial turmoil.  One of his business ventures (not his consultancy) had found itself well behind the eight ball with Uncle Sam [...]

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