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RE Crowdfunding On the Horizon

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on March 22, 2013 – 8:25 am

In March of last year I posted, Crowdfunding; Certain Future, an Uncertain Path… In it I discussed the need for a vetting period to really determine the strategic pros and cons of funding non-charity focused start-ups via masses of non-accredited investors.  The additional managerial costs aside, we simply have no data on whether second round [...]

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The REAL Silver Market Manipulators

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on March 19, 2013 – 7:23 am

As some of you may have already read this morning, JP Morgan has been cleared of its Silver Market Manipulation Conspiracy charges. (Read more at Investment strategy has always been an area of fascination for me and those that would attempt a market manipulation strategy even more so. That said, I could not help but monitor this whole to-do with great interest because of the great apparent ignorance of the plaintiff investors having an issue with JP Morgan (allegedly) driving silver prices down when our own government’s public policy since 1965 has been to do that very thing.

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The Treasury Bond Market Today.

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on March 14, 2013 – 6:37 am

In my last post, “Real Estate Recovery? Assess before you Execute”, some of you expressed a desire for me to elaborate more on the “bubble” in “our Treasuries Market”. Quite simply, rising interest rates would be very, very bad for long term bonds. Our low interest rate and money printing policy has been held too long… and the only way they can go is up. The only questions remaining are when and by how much.

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Align your Incentive for Success…

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on January 1, 2010 – 11:37 am

In an industry that is struggling to find a way to better re-align its compensation incentives with that of its company and shareholders’ better interests… I thought it appropriate to also have the individual initiate a little strategy to create their OWN incentive for success.  This week’s Career Pointers is [...]

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Profiling and the new IRS Enforcement Unit

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on December 9, 2009 – 8:29 pm

The administration seems to be engaging in class warfare with its new IRS “enforcement unit” called the Global High Wealth Industry Group.  Its purpose is to scour the trusts, partnerships, and other “tax avoidance” techniques used by the wealthy to reduce their taxes.  Mind you, no one wants a tax cheat, as the case would [...]

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Start a NFP and have the Government Pay Your Taxes!

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on November 3, 2009 – 12:33 pm

A consultant friend needed assistance and asked me to coffee recently…  It turns out that this particular coffee topic wasn’t going to be about a client or new project pending, but rather his own financial turmoil.  One of his business ventures (not his consultancy) had found itself well behind the eight ball with Uncle Sam [...]

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Free New Business Idea

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on July 7, 2009 – 8:31 am

Whelp…  I don’t think I’m going to have an opportunity to move forward with this one.  So, I thought perhaps someone else might.
For background, please consider that franchises are nothing more than turn-key business plan – service/product combinations that have proven successful (usually) in another market.  Would-be entrepreneurs pay a good dime for such models [...]

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Entrepreneurs… Do you own a business… or a job?

Icon Written by Neil Palmquist on May 20, 2009 – 6:26 pm

Entrepreneurs… Do you own a business… or a job?

There is a wise old saying amongst “the rich” that to attain wealth, you must “control everything, but own nothing”… The concept being that through multi-entity layering strategies and investment vehicles, an individual or group can accumulate great wealth that is “controlled” by them, but is legally [...]

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